Information for Residential and Commercial Tenants

Tenants are required to create an account with F.A. Days if they are to be responsible for the propane/oil &/or service at that property. Tenants have 3 options in regards to their deliveries.

The first option is to be on a will-call C.O.D status. When on will-call you monitor your own tank and are responsible for arranging deliveries with F.A Days. Deliveries must be paid for on or before the time of delivery. If you choose this option, please take note of our out-of-gas/oil policy.

The second option is to put a credit or debit card on file for automatic payment. This will put you on a 1 bill 1 fill automatic delivery status. The card on file will automatically be billed after each delivery and as long as the account stays current you will remain on automatic delivery. If the card on file is no longer valid, the account will be placed on will-call and our out-of-gas/oil policy will apply.

The third option is to leave a deposit with F.A. Days. The deposit will be different for each account. It is determined by the size of the tank on the property and the cost to fill that tank. With a deposit the account will be on a 1 bill 1 fill automatic delivery status. As long as each delivery is paid for before the next one, automatic deliveries will occur. If the account becomes overdue, it will then be placed on will-call and the deposit will be used towards the owed balance. If the account is placed on will-call, our out-of-gas policy will apply. At the end of your lease the deposit can either be used towards your final delivery or refunded to you.

Any service call made by a tenant will be that tenant’s responsibility unless F.A. Days receives confirmation from a landlord that they will pay for said service.

*All above policies also apply to any account/properties F.A. Days supplies oil to.
*When planning deliveries F.A. Days can give time windows and days, but cannot give specific delivery times.

Last updated: January 18, 2013

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