Residential Use:

Benefits of Propane

There are many options and benefits to heating your home with propane gas. Propane is a non-toxic gas that meets the clean air energy standards. Since propane is a gas, it cannot spill or pool. Propane appliances burn hotter & more evenly than other fuels, which helps save you money. We provide propane for any home use, seasonal or year round.

Heating your home with propane

There are many different ways to heat your home with propane, from small space heaters to state of the art high-efficient heating systems. F.A.Days & Sons, Inc. is a licensed service provider and installer for Rinnai, Munchkin & Buderus, just to name a few. We can install hot air systems, boiler or furnace installs & replacements, wall heaters and much more. We also provide propane & service for fireplace inserts & log sets. Call for more information.

Heating your water

Propane water heaters can cost one third less to operate than electric water heaters and propane water heaters recover hot water nearly twice as quickly as electric water heaters. A 50-gallon propane water heater can provide as much hot water as a 66- to 80-gallon electric unit in a 2-1/2-bath home. The fast heating power of propane will keep showers, washing machines and dishwashers hot - all at once. So Heat. Cook. Clean. Shower. Save. Enjoy!

We sell standard water heaters & now we are pleased to be able to offer on-demand water heaters. Please call for more information or an estimate, we are happy to assist you with all of your hot water needs.

Heating Pools/Spas

Pool and Spa/Hot Tub Heaters allow homeowners to extend the season or in some cases, enjoy the outdoors year-round. These thermostat controlled units burn gas in a combustion chamber and the heat is transferred to the water so they can easily maintain any desired water temperature, regardless of the weather.

Other propane needs

F.A.Days & Sons provides propane for all of your home needs, including cooking stoves, cooktops, dryers, outdoor grills, etc.. We provide tanks in all shapes and sizes to meet your propane needs.

Low Tempurature Alarms

We are happy to be able to offer you On-Watch low temperature alarms.

Affordable and easy to use, it works 24/7 to alert us to:

The home monitoring system is a great value for second homeowners, senior citizens and rental property owners. Perfect for anyone that relies on consistent energy levels for uninterrupted safety and comfort. Please contact for us for more information on how to get one installed in your home.

Commercial Use:

F.A. Days & Sons can deliver everything you need for your next project including temporary heat, metered systems, forklift tanks and underground tank installations.  Among our clients are restaurants, hotels, guest houses, condominiums, schools, and housing developments. We can install & service Commercial/Industrial Grade Appliances, as well as supply bulk volume above & underground tank storage. To best serve you, we recommend that you contact us to arrange for an on-site consultation today.

Last updated: January 18, 2013

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